I visited Corsica with baby when she was 17 months old. It was a very special trip since I went solo with her and for 6 weeks! To organize this solo trip project with my daughter I needed to find an ideal destination for a child and my choice quickly shifted to Corsica! From this experience, I give you some tips to better prepare this trip to Corsica with baby!

How to go to Corsica with the baby?

The flight

Corsica is an exotic destination! Sea, mountains, strong identity culture… And yet it is only 1h30 from Paris (Paris – Ajaccio). That’s his first asset! So the plane shouldn’t be a problem! If you are still worried, you can find lots of tips on managing baby flights here. You can also choose the ferry to go to Corsica but I have never tested this option.

Administrative formalities

As for the formalities, nothing could be easier! We stay in France so you can travel to Corsica with a simple identity card. But don’t forget the baby’s ID card, it’s MANDATORY! More information on baby IDs here.

Health and safety in Corsica

No worries about that! We are in France, so the health standards are equivalent to those of the “continent”. As for safety, nothing to report either!

In my medicine kit:

  • high protection sunscreen for babies,
  • mosquito repellent spray and anti-itch cream suitable for babies,
  • cocculin (if your child is prone to motion sickness: car or boat),
  • thermometer, baby fly and some common medicines (PHY serum, arnica, doliprane, antidiarrhea, rehydration solution…) even if you can find everything on site.

Where to stay in Corsica with your baby?

If children are welcomed everywhere in Corsica as kings, I have not found baby equipment so often in the different accommodations I have chosen… And when it was the case, they often applied a supplement for the cot, so remember to inform yourself before choosing accommodation! The easiest way is to rent an apartment or house so you can feel almost at home! As I stayed there for 6 weeks, I had rented a house in Porticcio and I left most weekends to explore the other corners of Corsica in guesthouses or hotels.

The equipment to be provided to travel to Corsica with baby

This is what I usually take on a trip:

  • Baby carrier: Corsica is a paradise for hikers (of all levels), so the baby carrier is essential! As long as your baby is not too heavy, I recommend the physiological baby carrier, which is not very bulky.
  • Stroller: between beaches and hikes I finally used it very little in Corsica…
  • Travel bed: if not all your accommodations are equipped with a cot, a solution must be provided. On my side, I had planned a compact travel bed.
  • UV tent: very practical for beach days!

The clothes to bring to travel to Corsica with baby

If you leave in summer (May to September), think about taking:

  • light clothing,
  • a swimsuit and an anti-UV t-shirt,
  • a hat,
  • glasses,
  • a little wool for parties,
  • sneakers for hiking if your baby is already walking.

Diapers, meals

Everything you need is available in supermarkets and pharmacies. The brands are the same as on the continent so there is no need to charge, you can refuel on site.

Getting around Corsica

To travel in Corsica, the car is essential (except to be confined to your drop point but that would be a real shame!). Roads can be narrow and winding, especially inland, so trips can be longer than expected. I must admit that I didn’t anticipate this and I had to revise my expectations of visits downwards… With a baby who quickly gets motion sickness, the Corsican roads are not the easiest!

Remember to book your car and car seat in advance if you are leaving in the middle of the tourist season!

Activities to do in Corsica with baby

Lazing around on the beach of courseĀ  Preferably in the morning or at the end of the day!

Hikes! Hikes! There are endless possibilities for hiking in Corsica and you will find many easy trails. I give you some ideas for family walks around Ajaccio in this article.

Boat trip to the bloodthirsty islands or the Scandola reserve.

When to go to Corsica with a baby?

The best time to visit Corsica is from April to October. July and August are very popular with holidaymakers but are not necessarily the best months to enjoy Corsica with a baby. If you can, focus on the inter-seasons: April – June and September – October. It will be cooler, the prices will be lower and the Corsicans much more welcoming!