Excursion in sight? Article by Wild at Heart blog. You need a pair of hiking shoes that can take you to your destination in a safe and practical way, without risks to your health.

The market today offers a wide choice of hiking shoes for all tastes.

How to orient yourself?

Here are our tips to not make mistakes and buy a pair of ideal shoes according to your excursion.

Hiking shoes: high or low?

Trekking shoes are not all the same, to buy the right ones for your needs you have to take into account the route planned, the characteristics of the terrain, the length and especially if you are planning to leave for one or more days. In addition, shoes are also purchased according to your training, age and any accidents and injuries suffered, which have caused damage to the lower limbs.

For example, a gravel and slightly slippery ground can be tackled with light shoes, trail model by a well-trained person, while those who are not used to such trails may have some difficulty and need a more robust and structured footwear. Here you can choose hiking shoes:

A person accustomed to hiking and with a well-trained physique could find comfortable and useful low shoes because they allow you to walk faster, however it should be noted that these tend to last less over time, so they can be fine only in case they alternate with other more difficult trails that require more enveloping and durable shoes.

In addition, these shoes are reminiscent of running shoes and leave the ankle free to expose it to greater risks. Those who are not well trained and those who have suffered ankle injuries – fractures and sprains – should choose a model that accompanies and protects the foot and ankle, such as a boot or a high shoe.

When is the classic trekking boot necessary? We recommend the use of this shoe for difficult and inaccessible routes, formed by steep descents, scattered with snow or slippery or mostly rocky gravel. It is also recommended for those who are “novices” to avoid unnecessary risk of ankle injuries or excessive fatigue in the lower limbs due to the management of balance on different supports. If you are experienced walkers, the boot may be necessary if you carry a backpack of important weight and if you move on very challenging terrain, in this case the low shoe would have a short life and the sole of our beloved feet would be severely stressed. So the low shoe, more or less heavy, in this case would be to choose only for the needs (and capacity) to proceed more quickly. More guarantee and support are also preferable when you face excursions of several days and in case the ankle needs special support and protection. Those who consider this type of boot exaggeratedly heavy and bulky can opt for the Mid Leggero, a shoe not too high and lighter.

Finally, if the excursion of several days provides different types of route we recommend putting an extra pair of shoes in your backpack, this will allow you to use footwear suitable for different situations.

By the way, if you want to organize your backpack for your excursion, read our previous article: we suggest you how to prepare it in the best way!

The materials to prefer for hiking shoes

Now let’s talk about materials. Gore-Tex, for example, is a synthetic and waterproof fabric that also contains microporous polytetrafluoroethylene with high breathable and protective capabilities. Today many shoes are made of this material that allows to keep the foot dry even after a long walk.

Choosing a good breathable and waterproof material allows to avoid that the foot remains wet due to internal or external causes, such as sweat or puddles or mud present in the ground.

Have you chosen the model that best suits your needs?

Measure, walk, test your shoe. You must be absolutely sure that it fits!

It must be comfortable, without leaving empty spaces. It must wrap around your foot without forcing it. To be sure that it is the right one, try it with the right sock for the occasion, the one you will wear during the excursion.

Only in this case you will really have the perception that the shoe is the right one and you will avoid nasty surprises once you arrive at your destination.

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