Hot air balloons have always fascinated me, as far back as I can remember! As a child, I was already observing them in the sky right next to my house and a few months ago I was still watching them fly away on their way to work (my road was along one of their take-off spots, it brightened up a little my daily journeys^^). Hot air balloons have this little something magical, poetic. I remember being captivated when I read Jules Verne’s book 5 weeks in a balloon! They evoke in me these ideas of travel, great explorations…

I had the chance to live this experience thanks to Cap Adrenaline and their partner France Montgolfières who invited me to test this activity. Cap Adrenaline is a platform for booking thrill activities (as its name suggests ) that I had already had the opportunity to test twice a few years ago when I offered Mr Chouette World his first bungee jump and then his first parachute jump (yes he likes thrill activities, him^^).

It’s less my thing, you have to admit it, even if I get violent, especially when it comes to getting laid! After the seaplane, helicopter and paragliding, it’s the balloon’s turn! I expected to be a little tossed around, but in reality, the balloon is surprisingly soft… peaceful! I loved the experience!

Hot air balloon flight over Beaune and the Route des Grands Crus

As I said in the introduction, I am lucky to live in an area where hot air balloon flights are very popular! So it was right next door to my house that I was able to make my dream come true! I chose to fly over Beaune and the vineyard!

It should be noted that hot air balloon flights are very dependent on the weather and our flight has been cancelled several times (storms, strong winds, rain, heat waves… the weather has not been very nice lately). It is, therefore, necessary to be patient to live this fabulous experience but it is worth it  We had planned the flight at the beginning of May and we finally flew at the end of June, the day before our departure to Polynesia (moreover I am writing this article comfortably installed in front of the lagoon of Raiatea ).

The take-off spot is chosen the same morning, depending on the winds! Once on-site, we attend and participate in the installation of the balloon and its inflation. It’s already very impressive… We don’t realize it well but the balloons are gigantic!!!!

Once the balloon is inflated, we climb into the wicker basket and go! The takeoff and flight are smooth… no feeling of vertigo! A balloon doesn’t fly, it’s the wind that carries it so you never really know what you’re going to fly over or where you’re going to land… the pilot has to deal with the different drafts. For our part, we flew over Beaune and its famous hospices as well as the vineyard above the well-known appellations such as Pommard!

A look back at this beautiful experience!